how to install canbus led

When you set up a canbus led brought from amazon,, ailexpress or some led car light producer site. You need to make sure the auto engine and also all the automobile lights are both switched off. After validating this vital step, now you can begin to set up the led canbus light. The auto needs to constantly be switched off and also lock it to reset the on-board computer system.

Setting up the LED light bulbs, then, keep the engine off as well as switch on the light to see whether the LED light bulb lights up.

 If the LED bulbs light up, then begin the engine to inspect whether there's an error message on the control panel or otherwise. If there is no any error message, they mounted well. Otherwise, you have to turn off the engine. securing the car and wait regarding 10 secs, and afterwards start the auto as well as inspect once more. Often, the dashboard needs to take two times to reset the light bulb, so you can turn the car on as well as off for the 3rd time.

If the led canbus bulbs do not brighten, possibly you ought to transform the light and also the auto off. Then transform the bulb in 180 levels as well as repeat the checking steps.